Oath of Office (Township)

The oath must be taken before performing the duties of the office. The oath of office must be taken whenever one of the officials listed below is originally elected or appointed, and every time the official is reelected or reappointed. This is true for both elected officials and those appointed to fill a vacancy.

At the beginning of a four-year township term of office at noon on November 20, all elected township officials, whether reelected or newly elected, must take the oath of office prior to January 1 to qualify for office, or a vacancy is created in the position. (Constable vacancies are not required to be filled.) MTA recommends taking the oath of office prior to noon on November 20, so officials can immediately assume the duties of their offices at the start of the term. 

The signed oath document must be filed with the township clerk. If an official other than the clerk administers the oath, the original oath affidavit or a copy of the affidavit must be provided to the township clerk for official township records.

Who is required to take the oath of office?

Supervisor (MCLs 168.363, 168.358)

Clerk (MCLs 168.363, 168.358)

Treasurer (MCLs 168.363, 168.358)

Trustee (MCLs 168.36, 168.358)                              

Deputy Supervisor (MCL 41.61) 

Deputy Clerk (MCL 41.69)    

Deputy Treasurer (MCL 41.77)

Assessor (IRS/MTA Legal Counsel)

Constable (MCLs 168.363, 168.358) 

Elected Library Board (MCLs 168.363, 168.358)

Elected Park Commission (MCLs 168.363, 168.358)

Election Inspector (MCL 168.680)

Commissioner of Noxious Weeds (MCL 247.61)

Downtown Development Authority (MCL 125.1654)                                

Board of Review (must take oath within 10 days of appointment) (MCL 211.28)